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Why do you want to think that?

Aug 20, 2021

Often when we notice a thought that is causing us pain or not giving us the results we want, our first instinct is to change the thought as quickly as possible. 

But before we can effectively choose to believe a new thought, it is important to accept what we are currently thinking and understand why our brain is choosing to think the way it is.  

This isn’t always easy to do, but I think asking ourselves one question can really help. In today’s video, I’m sharing a question that will allow you to understand that your brain always has a good reason for thinking the way it does and whatever that is, it’s totally okay. 

After that, choosing a new thought is easy. I hope it helps!


Next Thursday I am teaching a free class “How to Love Yourself and Your Life.” I’ll help you understand why your brain is choosing not to love you or your life right now and how you can totally change that! You can register for the class here.

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