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Apr 30, 2019

This morning I was on a call with a client.

When she saw the power her thoughts had in creating the current results in her life she asked, amazed, “Has this changed your home? Has this changed everything for you?”

The answer is emphatically yes! And it is also unfortunately no.

Let me explain.

Yes, oh yes (!), learning how to identify and choose my thoughts deliberately has changed everything for me. It has improved my relationship with myself and others. It has allowed me find more peace and joy. I finally understand that I am the creator of all my feelings, which has enabled me let go of blame and shame and worry and regret. It has helped me really understand what agency is and how I always have the choice to choose the better part.

It has been truly life-changing for me.

But, also, I am still human. I still have a human brain. I am still learning to choose the better part. Every single day.

I still have negative emotions and I still have thoughts that don’t serve me and I still have moments where I think other people are making my life hard. It turns out that while thought work has changed everything, I am still changing and learning and growing.

That is why I am here on earth. To learn to choose the good. It is the quest of my lifetime.

Yes, thought work has changed my life, but also, I am still a human being just doing my best (and sometimes not) to apply it so that I can get the results I want in my life.

Just remember, there is no finish line. Welcome to being a human!

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