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Your Awesome Brain

Sep 04, 2019

Sometimes when we start doing thought work, we can inadvertently get a little frustrated with our human brains.

They look for problems.

They notice what's wrong with us.

They hate change.  They worry unnecessarily.  They remind us to be scared.

And sometimes it seems like this whole human experience would be easier without them.  "Dang it, brain," I find myself saying.  

But last week my good friend's husband had brain surgery.  And suddenly, it put it all in perspective for me.

Our human brain is the exact thing that is making this human experience possible at all.

They keep us alive.

They allow us to form relationships, create beauty, share ideas, experience mortality, all while we learn and grow.

No computer in the world is as powerful.

No technology in the world can compete with its ability to take in information, and instantaneously process the relevant facts.

No lab in the world can recreate its complicated chemical and hormonal processes needed for survival, emotional connection, and healing.  

No other instrument has its ability to create something out of nothing.

When properly managed and directed, there is no stopping the human brain and there is nothing it can't figure out or solve.  

The truth is, our brains, even with all of their protective programming, are absolutely amazing.

So this week I'm trying something new: "Thanks, brain," I say.  

And I mean it.

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