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The application for my new group coaching program, Made for More, opens today! In this bonus episode of the podcast, I remind you that you don’t have to wait for anything to get the most out of your earth life experience. The only thing in the way of the life you really want is your own brain.

Your brain is powerful, but you are more powerful. And if you harness your God-given agency to manage your brain and choose what you want to believe about yourself, you can create impossible things in your life.

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I think each of us was made for more and I think each one of can create more of whatever we want in our lives.

The Made for More Group Coaching Program

  • Applications open November 16, 2020 at 9 am EST.
  • 6 months of weekly coaching in a very small group setting 
  • All the tools you need to understand your own brain and how your thinking is really and truly creating all the results in your life.  
  • Weekly personal coaching 
  • Opportunities to see others coached - One of the most powerful things about group coaching is that, not only will you get regular opportunities to be coached personally, but you’ll also be able be see other people be coached and this is where some of your biggest breakthroughs will come.  
  • Spots in the group will be limited to provide regular coaching opportunities  
  • After you apply, you will get an opportunity to sign up for coaching call with me so you can ask questions, get coached and see if it’s a good fit for you

You can learn more and apply here.

You Can Change Everything By Changing Your Self Concept

Your self concept is just the collection of thoughts that you have about yourself.  It is who you think you are and what you believe about yourself.  And everything in your life comes downstream of your self concept.  

Changing the way we think about ourselves, changes the way we show up in our lives.  

And that is what I’m going to help you do as we coach together in Made for More  We are going to change your self concept so that you can do what you really came to do and make the most of your earth life experience.  

I think in order for each of us to fulfill our mission on earth and become who God wants us to be, make the most of this life and the next, it requires work on our self concept.  It requires us not to just take our brains word for who we are and what we are capable of, but to instead believe new things about ourselves and that will allow us to tap into in our unlimited capacity to do even impossible things.

Christ was the perfect example of this.  Christ dared to believe that he was the Savior long before he performed the saving act for all mankind.  He had to believe that that was who he was, that he was the Messiah, that he was the Savior.  In order to do the work God gave him to do, he had to believe some amazing things about himself.

What I want you to see is that his self concept came first.  Before he could show up in the world as the Savior he had to believe he was.  He was the literal embodiment of the Savior LONG before he actually performed the saving work.  And His self concept allowed him to be able to do the most impossible work that was ever done.  

1. You don’t have to do things to believe things about yourself.  In fact, we need to believe in who are before we can do anything.  Self concept comes first.  Everything follows that.

2. Our self concept enables us to do the IMPOSSIBLE.  The thoughts you have about yourself are what will allow you to do amazing things and reach your God-given potential and fulfill the mission you came to earth to do.  

You have to decide how you want to think about yourself, despite the doubts of your brain and the derision of the adversary, which is why learning to manage our own brains is so important.

I hope you will join me in Made for More where you will learn to do just that.  Applications are open now at

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