Episode 108: Believing Impossible Things

Episode Summary

Our brains are amazing prediction machines. They take the past and they use that evidence to inform us about our future, to tell us what we are capable of and what’s possible for us. But so much of what we want to create in our lives doesn’t exist in the past and so to get what we want we have to be willing and able to believe things we’ve never believed about ourselves.

In this episode, I share the tools that will help you suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to believe impossible things about yourself and your life. It’s easier than you think and you already have the natural ability to do it. You just have to give yourself the permission to practice and strengthen your skills to believe impossible things, so that you can create a future that is everything you want it to be.

Episode Tools and Questions

To accomplish a new goal, we have to believe things about ourselves we’ve never believed before. When confronted with a belief with no evidence of success, our brains make us think that we’re believing in something impossible. That we are pretending to be someone else. What I’d like to offer you is that this is not a problem.

Nothing bad happens when you decide to believe. In fact, all kinds of amazing things start to happen when you do. If I allow myself to believe impossible things, I show up in a different way. I’m creative, I problem-solve, my energy shifts, and I start to change from within.

Because the point isn’t to achieve the new, impossible goal. The point is to become the person who does the impossible things. When you become that person, your life will change in only good ways.

In this week’s episode, I’m explaining why it’s worth believing in impossible things and how to do it when you’ve never done it before. Whether you realize it or not, every day you choose to believe lots of impossible things. Now I want you to see how you can believe impossible things about yourself and your life. 

Episode Notes

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 Todd Herman, The Alter Ego Effect

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