Episode 109: Don’t Use Your Possibility Against Yourself

Episode Summary

Sometimes when we hear that we are capable of anything and that it’s possible to create any change we want in our lives, we use that amazing possibility against ourselves. Instead of feeling excited and hopeful, we end up feeling stressed, paralyzed, and wrong. Our brain has all kinds of ways to keep us the same—and shaming ourselves for all the things we aren’t doing is one of the most effective.

You have a life of magnificent possibility. But don’t use that against yourself. In this week’s podcast, I’m sharing four ways your brain might be using your limitless possibility to keep exactly as you are.

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Sometimes when we think about all the possibilities our life holds for us, it’s easy to use that possibility against ourselves. Right in the moment that we could get excited about creating the results in our lives that we’ve always wanted, our brain steps in with fear, anxiety, and shame for how we’ve done it wrong in the past. 

None of this is a problem. Your brain is doing its job: using negative thoughts to stop you from trying, to protect you from failure and pain. Your job becomes recognizing the difference between you and your thoughts. Your brain may not want something, but do you want it?

Today, I’m sharing four ways that your brain could be using your possibility against you. It can be scary to think that inside you lies limitless possibilities. It’s also scary to think that you could miss out on an amazing earth life by not creating an experience you love. Whether you pursue your possibility or not, there will be negative emotions either way. Why not let it be the negative emotion that still gets you what you want?

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