Episode 34: Gifts from My Coaches

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Episode Summary

This year I have received so many gifts from my coaches.  I picked just five that made the biggest impact on my life this year to share with you.  

These thoughts and ideas were given to me by the very best coaches and teachers out there—Brooke Castillo, Jody Moore, Susan Dangerfield, Danielle Thienel, and my own custom-designed life curriculum.  

I hope they bless your life like they have blessed mine.  

In this episode, I share:

1.  How the Model, which was created and taught to me by Brooke Castillo, changed everything for me.

2.  How the thought "It's not about you," given to me by Jody Moore, helped me to do hard things.

3.  How the advice to "Focus on what I can control," given to me by Susan Dangerfield, kept me from giving up.

4.  How the example of Danielle Thienel made me see the success of others in a completely new way.

5.  What my life experience taught me about fear and self-doubt and love this year.

Episode Tools and Questions

Solve Any Problem

You can solve any problem with the model. ANY PROBLEM. I used to live in fear of the future. I used to live in fear of the past.  I used to think I could not change and that I was broken.

And the model changed all of that for me.

The model is a way of looking at the world that simplifies everything down so that you can see that things are only a problem because we think they are a problem. And then we feel bad and we act bad and we get bad results. And when you understand this, you understand that every single problem is only a thought problem. And….here’s the miracle. You are in charge of your thoughts.

It's Not About You

You have a work to do in the world. You have a gift. You have a contribution that only you can make in only your way. And you are

But that is because your brain thinks its about you. Your brain thinks it all about you, and whether or not you will be kicked out of the tribe and face certain death.

What you have to do is ask yourself, will this help one person?

Will this make one person's life better in the smallest of ways? Will this ease the burden of earth-life for one of God’s children?

It's about them. And serving them. And giving one person a way out of suffering.

Focus on What You CAN  Control

We often think we are at the effect of what is happening around us, but the truth is we get to control how we think and feel and act in every situation.

There is power in understanding that you steer your own ship. When you feel like a victim to your life or outside circumstances, you need to focus on what you can control.  

When One Person Rises, We All Rise

Your brain, like my brain, like all our brains, wants to say that when other people win, we lose. But this is not true. When one rises we all rise. This is the truth. This is the abundance that you can live into. You can celebrate the wins of others without taking anything away from yourself.  And the best part is that it feels so good to rejoice with others.

All success is good success.  Any good, any movement of the needle towards more joy and more happiness, helps everyone and blesses the world.   

Fear is Part of The Human Experience

Each one of us who participates in a human experience with a human brain, experiences self-doubt and fear.  The key is in knowing that nothing will ever go permanently wrong and that because of Christ we have no reason to fear.

Episode Notes

Mentioned in the podcast:

Miss Nigeria celebrates her friend's win.

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