Episode 36: Your Invincible Power to Choose

Episode Summary

As we go throughout our lives, we sometimes forget that we are always making a choice. These choices add up to create the life we have.

Even if we don't realize it.

Instead of being unconscious about your choices and feeling like your life is just happening to you, I invite you to honestly examine the idea that we only do what we want to do. This perspective allows us to see that there aren't actually any "have to's" in our life, and that everything we do is a result of our own choice.

In this episode of the podcast I'll show how this is true, why it matters, and how you can use this idea to empower yourself no matter what your current circumstances are.  

Really understanding that we only ever do what we want to do will allow us to give up blame and resentment, own our choices and our outcomes, and drop into love for the life we are living.

And, if that weren't enough, this awareness is also the key to achieving your goals and creating whatever change you want in your life...and that, my friends, is 100% awesome!

Episode Tools and Questions

Living on Default

For many of us, we are just living our lives on default, according to a list of have to's in our mind. We have to make dinner. We have to work out. We have to pay our taxes. We have to serve in the church. We have to mow the lawn. We have to earn a paycheck. We have to pu the Christmas tree away. And when we see our lives this way, it starts to feel like our lives are just happening to us and we have very little say in the outcome. Somehow, our life just is and it almost feels as if we had very little to do with it.

And then everywhere we look, all we can see is how victimized we are by the circumstances and people in our lives.

What we have forgotten is that we made a choice and then we kept making a choice—and we made it so much or for so long that we forgot that it was a choice in the first place.

Living by Choice

One of the most powerful things you can recognize your invincible power to choose. And our lives are simply and accumulation of one choice after another.  

The truth is that we only do what we want to do. Ever.  We ONLY do what we want to do.  Now, maybe it doesn't feel like it. Maybe it feels like you just go from one "have to" to the next.  But really understanding that you want to do everything you do, can change everything.

The next time you find yourself doing something you think you don't want to do or something you think you" have to do," ask yourself,

  1. Why do I want to do this?
  2. I only do things I want to do, so why am I doing this?

There is always a reason.  This honest examination will teach you so much about yourself and your true power.  Take a minute to ask these questions and examine your motives. If you are honest with yourself, there is always a reason you want to do the thing you are doing.  

As you examine these reasons, you can then evaluate if you want to keep making this choice and that will bring your choices into consciousness.

Once you see that everything you do, you do because you want to, you will suddenly appreciate your invincible power to choose.

Why Does It Matter?

This awareness of your ability to choose is so important because it puts you in charge of your own life.  It will allow you to give up the blame and resentment and frustration you have been feeling and acknowledge your own ownership and responsibility in the outcomes of your life.  

That is the way to peace and contentment.  And, even more importantly, it is also the key to changing any part of your life that you want to.

You have to know that you created it in the first place in order to make the changes you want.  And the more you can accept this and recognize that you only do things that you want to do, the more you will value and exercise your agency to create exactly what you want.


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