What Does A Life Coach Do For You?

What A Life Coach Can Do For You

Over the last couple of years I have invested thousands of dollars in coaching and, if given the choice, it is an investment I would make again and again.  This is because of the unlimited value that coaching has provided in my life.

In this episode of the podcast I share the ten most valuable things I have learned and discovered through coaching and explain why I think coaching can be so valuable to you.  

Ultimately, the value of coaching is that it gave me a way out of emotional suffering and showed me that I am the solution to every problem in my life.  I’m so glad someone had the courage to tell me this was possible and I want to be sure you know it too.  

Life coaching is an investment that never stops paying me back because no matter how stuck or trapped I feel, these tools always show me the way out…and that, my friends, is 100% awesome.

10 Things A Life Coach Can Do For You 

A Life Coach Shows You the Way Out of Suffering

A coach is there without judgement to show you want you cannot see—that you are creating your own suffering. Coaching will give you the tools you do not have to be able to unlock any problem in your life and set yourself free.

That is the true value of coaching. Your coach can show you the way out. They show you how to find the way out of every problem you find yourself in. There is no problem that doesn’t fit into the model, which is the tool I use in my coaching program.

A Life Coach Can Give You Permission to Move Forward

Coaching is valuable because it provides a way to stop arguing with the past, to stop arguing with what is, and to love whatever the future is bringing you.

We spend years thinking “it wasn’t supposed to be this way” and it doesn’t change anything because it was. It was supposed to be that way. You can stop arguing with it. Coaching allowed me to make peace with all that was and is. It allowed me to see that nothing had gone wrong and that I could always choose what I wanted next.

A Life Coach Can Allow You to Put Down Your Weapons of War

Coaching taught me that there’s only ever a fight because of how I think about it. There’s only ever conflict and anger because of my human brain’s constant instinct to protect itself from danger. Knowing this allows you to find peace with all the people in your life. It also allows you to find peace with yourself as you are.

A Life Coach Reminds You that You are Supposed to Have Negative Emotion

Our suffering is caused when we think we shouldn’t have pain and that we are always supposed to be happy. Arguing with our pain creates so much unnecessary suffering.

A Life Coach Can Create Freedom from Judgment

Because we are no longer at war with ourselves or the 50% of our life that was designed to be negative, we can drop our judgments of ourselves. We can stop thinking that we should be different or our life should be different. This in turn, allows us to stop thinking that other people should be different.

What others don’t know yet, they will learn. And we don’t have to be the one to point it out to them. What we don’t know yet, we will learn. And we don’t have to judge ourselves or beat ourselves up because we don’t know it yet.

A Life Coach Can Allow Us To Be Honest and Tell Ourselves the Truth

One of the most valuable things we learn through coaching is that we are 100% responsible for our experience and our feelings.

When we make other people or the circumstances in our life responsible for our feelings and our experience, we are trapping ourselves. Instead, there is power in knowing that we are in charge of all of it and we are creating all of it. We get to decide the exact life experience we want to have.

A Life Coach Can Make You a Better Parent 

Coaching changed the way I mother and what I think about myself as a mother. I used to base my success as a mother on my children’s results on the outcomes of their lives. This was such a painful way to see things for both me and them.

My job is to love them and teach them. Their choices are theirs. And they will make the exact ones they need to learn the lessons they need to. I just get to love them. As they are. As they choose. This has changed the relationship because I am not operating from fear. I am operating from love and trust that they will live the life they were always meant to live.

A Life Coach Can Teach You How to Change

Coaching has shown me that change is only a thought away. I used to see my flaws as impossible to fix. I had been trying to change for years with no success. But coaching showed me that change can happen instantaneously. Change happens when you choose to believe something new and that can be as fast as I give myself permission to do that.

A Life Coach Can Show You Your Potential

Coaching has shown me that my goals and dreams are only limited by my own beliefs. My coaches see and continually show me where the limits are in my thinking patterns and challenge me to question those beliefs. They know that anything is possible if I can overcome my own doubts and disbelief. And so it makes my potential as limitless as my willingness to push those boundaries. I have seen this shift create incredible accomplishments in every area of my life.

A Life Coach Can Allow You to Apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Of all the valuable things that coaching has given me, this is my favorite one. Coaching taught me how to love. It taught me how to take all my ideals and use the power of thought to create them in my life. Love is always a choice that I make with my mind and this key changed everything for me.

And really, I could keep going! There is truly no end to the value of coaching in my life. And I want you to know that this value is available to every one of you. Coaching is an investment that never stops paying me back because I have learned that no matter how stuck I feel or how trapped I may be, the way things are is never the way things have to stay.

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