Episode 55: What My Most Successful Clients Think

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My clients are creating amazing results in their lives. But it’s important to know that, fundamentally, they are no different than you. They are amazing, extraordinary people with limitless potential, and they are also ordinary and normal and human in every way. They are just humans navigating the world with their human brains, but they are also people who are creating exactly what they want in their lives on the way.

How? My clients know that the only difference between the life they have and the life they want is the thoughts they choose to think. And so they go to work every day to think powerful thoughts and that gives them incredible results.

In this episode, I share some of the beliefs that have made the biggest difference for my most successful clients and, if you choose to believe the same things, it will make a huge difference for you too.

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My clients get incredible results, but it’s not because they are different kinds of humans.  They just think different thoughts.  They believe different things.  And that makes all the difference.

Here are the things my most successful clients believe.

1. They believe it’s possible to achieve their goals -  This is the starting place for any of us.  We have to believe that we can have something different, that we can create something different in our lives.

  • What do you believe about your ability to reach your goals or change your life or just change one small thing?  Start there.  Nurture that belief.  Believe in your own ability to get what you want.  
  • And if you can’t believe in that, you can borrow my belief.  You can start by believing that it is possible for other flawed humans to reach their goals.  And if it’s possible for them, maybe it is possible for you.   

2.  They believe that it’s okay to ask for help – We all know what we should be doing, but the problem is that we aren’t doing it and we don’t know why.  We don’t understand that our thoughts about all the things we should do are not driving our best actions.  

And this is why my clients hired a coach.  To help them see where their own thoughts are getting in their way.  They believe that doing it on your own has its limits because your own thoughts are limiting you.  The believe that they are worth the investment and that asking for help is the beginning of something completely different in their life.

  • What would change if you believed it’s okay to ask for help?
  • What would change if you were willing to invest in your own growth?

3.  They believe that coaching works – My clients have tried lots of different ways to reach their goals, but they know that the most powerful way is to stop working on the actions they are taking and start working on the thoughts they are thinking.

The thing that I love about coaching is that it always works.  It’s practical.  It’s based on the way the universe works, and so the principles work on every person and every problem.  There is no problem the model can’t solve.  No matter your situation, no matter your walk of life, no matter your educational background, or personal challenges, it always works.  My clients know that

4.  They believe that making a decision today is valuable - My most successful clients know that they have to do something different today.  They have to make a decision and take the step today instead of just hoping and praying that somehow tomorrow will be different.  And this requires them to stand up to their own brain and even to be uncomfortable.

Our brains love to put off change.  And they try to talk us into doing everything tomorrow and they offer us so many compelling reasons to wait.  But what my clients have figured out is that there are opportunity costs to waiting.  

  • What are you giving up by putting off the decision?  
  • What are you risking by not taking action toward your goals and dreams?
  • What are the excuses your brain offers you to keep you from taking action?

5.  They believe that change is uncomfortable but that it’s always worth it –  The work my clients do is not easy.  They have to give up beliefs that they have held for a long time.  They have to spend time with thoughts they have never thought before and their brains protest.  Their brains resist.  And it’s not easy work to do.  

Ask yourself:

  • Are you designing a life you actually like living?  
  • Are you just doing what you’ve always done, not because you love the life you are living, but because it’s what you’ve always done? 

There is a cost to staying the same.  

  • What is the cost of not changing? 
  • What are you giving up in terms of time and money and energy and life to live a life you don’t really like living?  
  • What is the cost FOR YOU of living life like you always have?

When we boil everything down, the number one reason that we aren’t taking action in our life is fear.  Our brain thinks that taking any action outside of our comfort zone is very dangerous and it tries to talk us out of it every time.  Even when we are miserable.  Even when we want something else.  Even when we hate our current results and don’t like the life we are living.  Our primitive brain will still try everything it can to get us not to act and not to do things differently.

The key is not to wait for the moment when fear doesn’t show up.  It’s going to require us to be uncomfortable.  But it is always worth it.

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