Episode 66: Becoming Who You Want to Be as Quickly as Possible

Episode Summary

Our identity is not fixed. It is solely created by the collection of thoughts we have about ourselves. We define ourselves by the things we already believe about ourselves. We are what we think we are.

That means that when we want to become another version of us, the only thing preventing that is the thoughts we currently believe about ourselves. The fastest way to become who you want to be is to decide to think different thoughts about yourself and to adopt and believe them as quickly as possible. Becoming is not about doing. It’s about thinking in a new way. And the faster we do that, the quicker we become who we want to be. This episode is all about how to do that.

Episode Tools and Questions

Our identity is not fixed.  Who we think we are is a concept created by the collection of thoughts we have about ourselves.  We don’t have an identity outside of the things we believe about ourselves.  We are what we think we are.  

It’s really important, to notice that the inverse is also true.  If we are a collection of all the things that we think we are, we also can’t be anything that we don’t think we are.  Until I think I am something, I can’t be that thing.  

Who you are and who you want to be is all up for grabs.  You can be anything you want to be.  Any identity, any characteristic, anyone you want to be is available.  You can be a thing as quickly as you can think you are that thing.  

1.  We can decide who we want to be, unlimited by our past or our present or the expectations and thoughts of others.  We just get to decide.  Who we want to be is a decision.  

  • Who do you want to be?  
  • What do you wish you were?  
  • What if it’s just a decision you make?  
  • If it was entirely up to you, if it was entirely up to what you decided, who would you decide to be?

Now your brain will want to say you can’t just make that up.  You can’t just decide.  You have to do certain things first to be what you want to be.  But I want you to know that your brain is wrong.  Your brain has it backwards.  You don’t have to do the things to be able to decide you are that thing.  You have to decide you are that thing in order to be able to do the things.  The decision comes first.  The identity comes first.

2.  And then go to work become them as quickly as possible.  We do this work in the way we think.  Because actions don’t create results, beliefs do.  Our actions will happen automatically when we think the thoughts that that person that we want to be thinks.  And so I want to offer you the idea that you don’t need an action plan to become the person you want to be as quickly as possible.  You need a belief plan.

Belief Plans

A belief plan is all the things you need to think to create what you want. Instead of having a list of things to do; this is the idea of having a list of things to think.  I want you to think about it as things that you need to think today.  

  • What do I need to think today to be the person I want to be?
  • Ask yourself who you want to become and then write a list of what that person believes, what that person thinks, and then you put it on your brain’s to-do list to think every single day.  
  • What are thoughts I need to stop believing about myself in order to be that person?  

3.  You have to make believing the biggest job you have. If you have a hard time believing now, you can access the thoughts of your future self.

  • Go to the place you want to be in the future and ask yourself, when I am there, what will I believe?  What will I think about myself then?  
  • Write those thoughts down and practice believing them.
  • Remember that no one else has to believe it.  It’s your job to believe it.  Because you will need the powerful feelings those thoughts and beliefs give you to fuel your actions.

Decide to become the person you want to be and start thinking like they do as quickly as possible.  

Episode Notes

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