Episode 71: Go Do The Thing

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Episode Summary

We all have something (or maybe more than one thing) that we really want to do in the world, but we’re too scared to do it. I want you to go and do the thing, the thing that is always in the back of your mind, the thing that you dream about, the thing that is always back there quietly nudging you, asking to be done, asking to be made real, asking to turn from an idea into a reality—and just waiting for you to have the courage to do it.

In this episode, I am sharing some ideas to help you get into action and do the thing. Because whatever you do, the creation of it will bless the world, but more than that, the real value is what will happen to you as you overcome your own brain and all its fears and insecurities. What we’re really here for is growth. And doing the thing you want to do, despite your fears, is one of the best ways to get that.

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Episode Tools and Questions

We all have dreams. We all have gifts and talents and things we’d like to try. But we don’t do it because we’re scared. So today, I want to give you some guiding principles to get into action and do the thing. These are the things I want you to remember when you go to do the thing and your brain is screaming at you to stop or quit or go back.

1. Move towards the discomfort. And I know that we’ve talked about this before, but it really is true. Your dreams, that thing you want to do, is only found by moving towards the discomfort. Generally, as humans we are programmed for comfort. But when we have a goal or we want to do something in the world, then it’s no longer about surviving. It is about thriving, it’s about growing. And in this case, when we want to thrive and grow we have to move toward pain instead of comfort.

A good rule of thumb is that if you feel uncomfortable, you are right on track. It doesn’t mean that anything has gone wrong. It doesn’t mean stop. It means keep going. You want to move toward the pain as much as possible. There is a converse relationship between 1st order consequences and all the consequences that follow. If the 1st order consequence is painful, then the 2nd and 3rd order consequences are going to create amazing things in your life.

2. Start now. Because the 1st order consequence is painful, most of us put off starting. We think that it will be easier or better later. We think that something has to happen outside of us in order for us to feel better inside of us and that that needs to happen before we can feel comfortable to begin. But we’re wrong about that. We just need to start. Because the start requires pain and that’s not a step that you can avoid or mitigate by waiting. Waiting to feel better is keeping you from doing the thing.

3. Believing in yourself and your work is your number one job and it is also a decision. Not believing in yourself isn’t unique to you and your life. It is the factory setting of every human being. Your brain is going to offer it to you every time you go to do something new. But you’ve got to use your brain and your imagination to believe something else.

Belief, in ourselves, in our work, is the most important work we do in creating our results, because belief starts the chain. It drives the dominos toward the result we want. We need to believe, to feel the feelings, that will fuel our actions. and give us our results. And those beliefs are a choice. They are a decision. They aren’t an arrival point when we’re good enough or qualified enough or ready enough. They are a decision.

Ask yourself: “What would you be committed to accomplishing if only it were possible?”

4. Don’t forget about “The Third Thing.” There is you, there is your work, and there is “the third thing.” The third thing wants your work out in the world. The third thing knows that your work will help people and bless people and make their lives better in some way. And of course, I think of this third thing as our Heavenly Father.

He is using each of us, he is nudging each of us, to contribute, to help, to give, to do the scary thing, to share our thing, to make earth life just a little less painful for others as we grow and receive our education and become who he wants us to be.

You are not alone. You have a work to do—for you and your growth, and also to ease the burdens of others and heaven is helping you.

When you go to do the thing, it will bless the world, but more importantly, it will change you . Because what you’re really after here on earth is growth. What happens to you as you overcome your own brain and do the thing—that stretching growth is what we really came for and doing the thing is the best way to get it.

Episode Notes

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Principles by Ray Dalio

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The Last Word on Power by Tracy Goss

Andy Grammer, “I Wish You Pain”

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That's where it goes by a different name
I know that it might sound strange

But I wish you pain

I love you more than you could even know
I just wanna see you grow
Want you to grow


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