Episode 73: Certainty in an Uncertain World

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Episode Summary

It seems like we have an unusual amount of uncertainty in our lives right now. And our brains hate this. Not being able to accurately predict what is going to happen makes the brain feel threatened and unsure. And so the brain offers us thoughts that increase our anxiety to help us be more alert and aware of possible danger.

But the reality is that, as humans, we have never had any certainty and we will never have certainty. Ever. Uncertainty is the human condition. Anything can change at any moment. And the more we can accept the reality of uncertainty, the more acceptance we can feel in any circumstance.

We don’t ever need to have certainty in the world outside of us. We only need to tap into the certainty inside of us by recognizing our endless power to handle anything and to create our own experience in every possible situation.

Episode Tools and Questions

Most of us have probably noticed that our levels of anxiety and worry have gone up this year and that is mostly because our brains are reacting to the uncertainty that exists right now. One of the things that human brains really don’t like is uncertainty.  Because our brains are so concerned about survival, they like to predict what is going to happen in any given moment.

But I want you to know something.  You have never lived at a time when things were certain.

We have never had any certainty and we will never have certainty.  Uncertainty is the human condition.  And for some of us, we are just starting to become aware of this and it is making us anxious.

Why We Have Anxiety in Uncertainty

  1. Our brain believes we should be able to control things - Our anxiety is caused by the idea that we should be able to control things.  We are anxious because things are uncertain but our brains believe that is bad, that we should be able to control things and that is the only way to be happy.  
  2. We think that our feelings are caused by things outside of us -  If things outside of us can cause our feelings then we need things outside of us to be certain in order to feel safe.  When we think the world or the people in it cause our feelings then we give ourselves the impossible job of having to control the world.  And we feel anxious when we give ourselves this job we can’t fulfill.

How to Overcome our Anxiety in Uncertainty

  1. Recognize that nothing outside of you creates your feelings - While your sphere of control outside of you is small, way smaller than you ever thought, your sphere of control inside of you is limitless, boundless, and endless.
  2. No matter what you always control your response to uncertainty - Yes, we are vulnerable, and we always have been.  But also, we are infinitely powerful because we are always in control of our experience and how we respond to the uncertainty of our lives is going to change our whole experience.  

Thoughts to Help You in an Uncertain World

  1.  Life is uncertain.  And you were never supposed to be able to control it.
  • What would change for you if you could accept uncertainty as the human condition?  
  • What would change for you if you didn’t give yourself the job of controlling the world so that you could feel safe?

2.  Who you are and the control you have over your own experience is always certain.  

  • You can be 100% certain that you have everything you need inside of you to handle whatever comes your way.  You can be certain about that.  
  • You are always controlling your emotional experience of your life.  When you really understand your power to create your experience, that you are the director of it, then you no longer need to control anything else.  You no longer need life to be certain, because you are certain about you.
  • This applies in all areas of your life, including your decision-making, your relationships, and how you view the world and your future.

Real peace comes from knowing that regardless of the uncertain circumstances, I am always going to be okay.  No matter what happens, every feeling I ever have is created by me.  Nothing happens inside of me without my say so.  I am never the victim.  I am an agent that acts.  

You are always in charge of your experience and you have unlimited capacity to handle anything that comes…and that is the ultimate certainty.

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