Episode 79: Life Changing Thoughts

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Episode Summary

Most of us think that real change is hard and that it takes a long time.  But what if the opposite is true?

Change is only hard when we are trying to change our behaviors and actions without changing our thoughts.  But this only changes the symptoms and not the source—and that’s why the changes we make don’t seem to last.  

Every action and behavior in your life is coming downstream of your thoughts.  Which means that the only thing between you and any change you want are your current thoughts.  And you have the power to change those.  In this episode, I’m sharing how it’s possible for a handful of thoughts to make a life-changing, future-altering difference in your life.  

Episode Tools and Questions

Your brain is a prediction machine.  It has used your past to predict your future, but your brain has no idea what your future actually holds.  Your brain doesn’t know what you are capable of and it doesn’t know that you can have anything you want.  It doesn’t know that the future has nothing to do with the past.

Your brain (like my brain) thinks that change is hard and that change takes too long.  And I want you to know that neither of these things are true.  

Change can be fast and change can be easy when we are changing the right thing—when we are changing the way we think.  

All of our actions and results are just coming downstream of our thoughts.  Every result in your life is because of the thoughts you think.  And so when we can change some of the fundamental beliefs we have about ourselves, everything downstream of that automatically changes.  That is what happened for me.

I want to share a handful of thoughts that I think made the biggest impact on my life, so that you can think about what handful of thoughts you need to adopt to change anything you want in your life.  

1. There is nothing wrong with you – Hating yourself or wishing you were different or thinking everybody would be better off if you could just be better, is not ever going to be effective in helping you change.  Change is created through love. 

Every human being is 100% lovable.  Even you.  And if you don’t love you, it’s not because you aren’t lovable, it’s because you have put some conditions on loving you.  

  • I want you to think for a moment about what conditions you have put on loving you.  
  • What are the things that you need to do in order to be able to love yourself?

It is possible to love anything about you.  The reason that it’s possible to love anything about you is that there is nothing wrong with you.  Not really.  There is who you are and then there is what you do.  What you do, is just choices, but it isn’t you.

Even when I don’t act like I want to, it is still possible to love myself completely.  I am not my actions.  I am not even the thoughts or feelings that created the actions.  I am just making a choice.  And I can still love me. 

2. There is always discomfort in life – Life is always 50/50 and not only is it 100% okay to feel bad, there is no way to undo the human condition.  There is going to be discomfort either way.  

Knowing this allows us to stop judging ourselves for our negative experience and it allows us to stop buffering and using unwanted behaviors to try and feel better.  Accepting the discomfort of life also allows us to do hard things in the world.  

Notice how many things in your life you aren’t doing because it might be hard or you might feel bad or have a bad experience.  When we can see that you can’t take away the 50% negative—that whether we do the hard thing or we don’t we’re going to feel negative emotion—then we start doing more hard things in our lives.  ….that whether you do the thing or whether you don’t….you are going to feel negative.

You can’t get rid of the 50/50, so you might as well use the negative emotion your brain is going to create either way to get the life you want.  

3. You can have any result you want in your life – Getting any results is just a matter of taking action for as long as you need to take it.  And the only reason we aren’t taking action is because of our thoughts.  Our thoughts are preventing our action.  When we figure that out, we have the key to creating the life we want.  

Every result in your life comes because of the thoughts you think.  Those thoughts drive all your actions.  And that means that all our work is in the T line—the Thought line.  And this Is such a powerful life-changing idea.

Wherever we notice we aren’t getting the results we want in our lives we ask:

  • Where am I not believing enough?
  • Where do I need different beliefs?
  • What do I need to work to believe? 

Belief is something you grow on purpose.  If you aren’t taking action it’s only because your thoughts are not powering action.  And that is where you work is.  Your work is in believing.  You don’t need more action—you only need more courageous thought.

Start by going to the very basics.  

  • What are you certain of?  
  • What are the sentences your brain can’t argue with?
  • What do you know for sure?

And then build from there.  One thought at a time.

It is possible for a handful of thoughts to make a history-changing, future-altering difference in our lives.  Changing the way we think, changes everything else and the thoughts we choose have the power to  create a completely different earth life experience for us.  

What are the handful of thoughts that will change your life?  What would change everything for you if it were true?  Because, you get to believe whatever you want.  And if you want things to be different, they can be.  It doesn’t take forever and it’s not impossible.  For every one of us, the life we want is only a handful of thoughts away.

Episode Notes

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