Episode 88: Creating the Itinerary of your Life

Episode Summary

You have been given another year of life on earth and it is such a gift. Whatever years we each have in our human experience are ours to create and use as we wish. What are the experiences you want to have while you’re here? What do you want to be sure not to miss? What are the things that you’re done experiencing? It is all up to you. You set the itinerary for your life. Not to be better, not to get God’s approval, not to be happier—but just because you want to. Just because you get to.

Everything you are going to do this year only exists in the hypothetical right now. But anything you want is available and the only thing in the way is your brain. In this episode, I’m sharing three things to help you manage your brain so you can get the earth life experience you really want.

Episode Tools and Questions

It can be helpful to imagine your life like a trip.

What are all the things you want to do on your trip?  

What do you want to experience?  

What do you want to see?

What are all the things you want to do?

As you choose what you want to do on this “trip,” remember:

  • None of your choices on the trip are better or worse. They are just preferences and you get to have any experience you want.
  • What you do on the trip doesn’t make you better or worse.  Our value doesn’t change depending on the experiences we have.
  • God doesn’t love us better based on the itinerary we choose either.  His approval doesn’t go up and down with our choices. It’s all just available for our learning and growth.
  • And choosing what experience you want on the trip doesn’t eliminate or change the 50/50 nature of life.  It’s always going to be 50% positive and 50% negative because we have a human brain which is programmed to find problems. Anywhere.  Even on a trip.

Whatever you want to do while you are here, do it because you want to.  Because it’s there.  Because it’s available.  Because you can.  

Everything in your life is optional.  Everything in front of you this year exists only in the hypothetical.  And you get to create it.  You can have what you want.  Or it can all just stay optional.  Hypothetical.  Could’s and might’s and it was possible’s.

And the only thing in your way is your brain. If you manage it, and stop letting it run the show, Here are three things you need to do to get your brain out of the way this year and get the experiences you want.

1. Start telling yourself the truth.

Your brain wants to stay the same. And if you aren’t taking action toward your goal, you need to ask yourself, “What am I thinking that is keeping me from taking action?” And then whatever that thought is, tell yourself the truth about it.

2. Stop wanting and waiting to feel good.

The primary mechanism your brain has to get you to stop is negative emotion. So if you are okay feeling bad, your brain has no power. It can’t stop you.  Wanting to feel good is it’s leverage and so if you stop wanting things to feel good when you go to do them, you win.

3. Accept where you are right now and love it as if you had chosen it.

We have so much judgment for where we are and the progress we haven’t made yet. But we only make the progress we want when we love exactly where we are.

Ask yourself:

What is the result you want?

Why do you want that thing?

Why we want something is always a feeling. But feelings are not created by the experience….it’s created by your thoughts, which means the ones you want are available to you any time and you don’t have to wait to feel them.

The key to having power over creating your life is always complete awareness of our power to do it and complete acceptance for where we are right now.

Your dreams do not belong on the bench.  Your verbs do not belong in the hypothetical realm.  You have the privilege of another amazing year of life on this planet and you are entitled to any experience in it that you want.

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