Episode 96: Becoming a Person for Whom Anything is Possible

Episode Summary

I used to think there were two kinds of people in the world—those that could have what they wanted and the rest of us who couldn’t.

But now I know that we’re all the same. And no matter who you are, we all have the same God-given power to create our life and choose our experiences. There isn’t anything that you want that you can’t have, there isn’t any possibility that exists out there that you can’t create, and anything you want is just as possible for you as anybody else.

In this episode, I’m sharing three things you need to do to become a person for whom anything is possible. Most of us seriously underestimate ourselves and limit what we think is possible for us. But these limitations are just made up by our brains and you are allowed to make up anything you want.

Episode Tools and Questions

How do we become one of those people who can create lives where anything and everything is possible?

It may seem as though there are people who create amazing things and are not only disciplined and smart, but they have a certain kind of magic where they can have what they want—the kind of people that turn their dreams into reality.

And then it may seem like there are other kinds of people, what I used to think are the people like me. The people who didn’t get that gene, ability, discipline, or imagination and just had to settle for whatever they got. These people couldn’t expect much cause they didn’t have what those other people had.

But, what I know now, and what I want you to know for sure, is that all people are the same. And there isn’t anything that you want that you can’t have. There isn’t any possibility out there that exists that you can’t create. 

The only thing between you and any possibility out there are the thoughts you have about that possibility.

So, dream about what’s possible today. About what is just as possible for you as ANYBODY else.

Why do we think we can’t? Why do we allow ourselves EVER to think we can’t do anything?

It is a lie every time.

We are seriously limiting ourselves by telling ourselves what is possible and not possible for ourselves. And all of it is made up. We are just making it up.

Because here’s the thing, and this is the most powerful thing I can tell you. YOUR Result line will always match your T line. Meaning that any result in your life matches a thought in your life.  

So, in today’s episode, I share with you how to become a person for whom anything is possible.

First, recognize that you ALREADY are a person for whom anything is possible. 

We are children of God, which means we are children of the most powerful creators in the universe, and we have inherited their ability to create. We have been given the gift of agency which allows us to choose our thoughts, and through those thoughts, we choose the experience. 

Second, we have to be willing to play.

Whatever you want is entirely possible, but it’s probably not possible on the first try. It’s probably not possible without some setbacks and some problem-solving. This means exchanging shame and judgment for curiosity. That’s why I call it play. And if we don’t make failure mean anything bad about us, we can just problem solve and move on. 

Finally, to become someone for whom anything is possible, you have to make room for the magic.

I believe that God wants us to explore what’s possible for us. I believe that when we explore what’s possible for us, it makes the world better for someone else. It makes their earth life experience a little better. We get to grow, and someone else gets to be blessed. I think God is interested in all of that.

So to be a person for whom anything is possible, you only have to believe that you are, be willing to play, work, and problem solve as long as you need to, and make room for the magic.


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