Episode 99: How to Like You and Your Life

Episode Summary

One of the best skills we can acquire is learning how to like ourselves and our life because it affects every other area of our life. 

With our brains running the show, we often don’t realize that liking ourselves is an option. We don’t understand that liking ourselves isn’t something that happens to us, but instead it’s a choice we make by the way we think about ourselves. Liking ourselves and our life is never a result of what we do or what our life looks like—it’s always a result of what we think. 

In this episode, I’ll show you how to put yourself in charge of liking yourself and your life, and everything you need to know to do it. Not liking yourself is the brain’s default setting, but liking yourself and your life (no matter what) is a feeling that is always available to you.

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We often don’t realize it’s an option to like ourselves. It feels like a circumstance outside our control. But like is created entirely by what we think, because like is a feeling. Since the feeling of like comes from our thoughts, that means we get to choose what to think and how to feel when it comes to liking ourselves and our lives - even when it’s harder than it sounds.

I used to think of thoughts that said I needed to change everything about myself in order to like me. Those thoughts made me feel miserable, hopeless, and lonely. I missed so much of the life I did have by wishing for an alternate, more perfect version of it. But after I found coaching, I learned to think differently, which allowed me to finally embrace myself and my life. 

In this episode, I’m sharing two pivotal ways to think differently so you can learn to truly like yourself and your life. As long as I was thinking my life was supposed to go another way, it would keep me from liking my life, and me in it. My life was never supposed to be any other way, and neither was I. I realized I could choose to like myself and the life in front of me - and so can you. 

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James Clear, Atomic Habits: "Repetition unlocks value. The value of your first workout increases the more you exercise. The value of your first article increases the more you write. The value of your first conversation increases the longer you stay in the relationship. Day one continues to compound. 


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