Being Wrong Never Felt So Right

Mar 12, 2020

I am wrong a lot.

I was wrong about thinking I couldn't change.  

I was wrong about thinking I'd never be able to reach my ideal weight.

I was wrong about thinking I couldn't get out of debt.  

I was wrong about thinking I couldn't achieve my dreams.

I was wrong about my long list of faults and my complete lack of worth.

I was wrong about other people and how they should be living their lives.  

I was wrong about my husband and how he should make me feel.

I was wrong about my kids and how they're supposed to behave.

I was wrong about not being able to be happy.

I was wrong about all of it.  Coaching showed me that.  

And learning I was wrong, made everything right.

Here's the thing:  You are wrong too. 

You are wrong about you and the people you love.  You are wrong about what's causing you pain and thinking it can never be better.   You are wrong about what you are capable of and you are wrong about what you think you can have. 

You are wrong.

But it's okay.

I can show you how being wrong is the very best thing that can happen to you.



P.S.  On my podcast today I talk all about how being willing to be wrong can make everything right in your life.  If you want me to show you how good being wrong can feel, sign up for a free coaching session right now.



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