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Your Weekly Shot of Awesome: Birthday Edition

Apr 05, 2021

Last weekend I had a birthday.

As I looked back on the year and everything that I created over the past 365 days, I was struck at how every single thing I did was optional.

For example, I recorded 52 podcasts. I could have just as easily recorded zero.

I created $150K dollars in my business. I could have just as easily created zero.

I started two group coaching programs. I could have just as easily started zero.

Workouts, spiritual habits, relationships, personal development—everything I did—could have just as easily not been done. 

They were all 100% optional.

And I am not any better and my life is not any better because I did any of them.

But my life is different because I did.

I did have different experiences and did gain lots of skills and I did learn more about myself and I did grow my capacity to manage my brain and feel my feelings because I did them. I did use up those 365 days in a way that I enjoyed because I did them.

And that’s the thing.

Today you get another day on this earth to do whatever you want with. It is all 100% optional. And nothing you do or don’t do will make you or your life any better.

But it will make you different. And it will give you a different experience of your life on this day while you are on this planet.

And I just think, if you are lucky enough to get another day, you should do exactly what you want with it.

And stop telling yourself that you can’t.

Cause you can.

It’s all 100% optional.

Opt. In.




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