Disappointment Isn't Destiny

Jul 21, 2020

The disappointments just keep rolling in, don’t they? 

School’s going to be online this fall.
Album and book releases are being delayed.
The gym is closed.  Again.
The number of Covid cases keeps rising.  (Even at my house the number went from zero to one last week.)
You’ve watched everything on Netflix and there’s nothing new on the horizon.

Worst of all, your life is pretty much the same.

You are pretty much the same.

Your body, your money, your relationships, your confidence, your potential—are all pretty much the same as they’ve always been.

But now, it’s just you and your life, with no distractions

And what you see is kind of…well…disappointing.

And so then we think, “Well, I need to change some things.”

But change feels so hard and so big and so impossible that we give up or we never start.  Really, we don’t even know where to start.  And so we settle for the same.  We settle for disappointed.

But only because we don’t realize is that change is easy. 

I’m here to make it easy for you.  As your coach, I will show you how to use the simplest tool to get the most amazing change. 

Because the difference between the “disappointed you” and the “you that gets up early, goes for a run, smiles at herself in the mirror, kisses her husband, loves on her children, doesn’t worry or criticize or nag or yell or sweat the small stuff, creates a difference in the world, and loves herself completely” is so small it fits inside your head.

Let me be clear.  You, as you are, are not a disappointment.

But if you are disappointed in the way you are experiencing your life, you can change that.

And it’s easier than you think. 



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