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Fix Everything!

Oct 06, 2020

Do you ever get overwhelmed by how many things there are to fix about you?

I recently noticed that my kitchen cabinets were looking a little ragged, with chipped paint and worn edges.  I thought about having them repainted, but they are a little dated and I thought maybe I should just replace them altogether.

But if I'm going to redo the cabinets, I really want to update the backsplash as well.

And while at it, it's way past time to get a new stove top.  Two of the burners on my stove don't work, but my repairman told me it couldn't be fixed and this model is no longer available for sale. 

I couldn't find any new stovetops that fit the current hole cut in my granite countertop, so replacing the stove means replacing the countertops as well.

And then my brain says, "Well, if we're going to redo the countertops, we should maybe just take out that whole wall and move the kitchen to the other side of the room."

But is that a load-bearing wall?  I'd have to call an engineer to find out.

And that just seems like way too much work.

And so the kitchen cabinets go on looking ragged and I keep cooking on a 2-burner stove.

This is how it is when it comes to changing ourselves as well.  I think more of us would create change if it didn't feel like such a monumental overhaul of our whole life.

We know there are things that we could do differently, but our brain says, "Well, if you're going to change that, you should really change this other thing first.  This is the real problem."  And then we go to work on that and our brain says that we really should be working on something else entirely.

It starts to feel overwhelming and hopeless.  Ironically, the thought that we have so many things to fix leaves us fixing nothing.

The truth is, you don't have to change anything about you.

But you can.

And there is no wrong place to start.  It all counts.  

And even though your brain says there is too much that needs fixing, your brain is wrong.  Nothing needs fixing.

But you do get to have any life you want.  And if you want something different, it is available one simple step at a time.

Don't wait to change all the things.  Just change one.  You can do it!



P.S. I think coaching is the best first step to any change.  Because coaching makes you aware of your brain, which really is the only thing between you and any change you want to make.  Come get some coaching.

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