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Give Up Self Doubt

Jan 09, 2021

Last year, I set a goal to fill my group coaching program with 10 clients. The first week I opened the program, I only had two people apply to join it. And my brain went crazy creating enormous amounts of self-doubt.

You can’t do this.
It’s never going to work.
Why did you think you could do this?
You never should have tried this.
That goal is a joke.

All these thoughts (and others like them) made me feel lots of self-doubt. My brain thought these thoughts were really important and really protective thoughts to think, but they didn’t ease my disappointment and they didn’t get me closer to my goal. Mostly, they made me want to quit and give up.

I want you to know this because as you set goals for yourself this year, your brain might try the same thing on you. And so as you go to try new things, remember that self-doubt is

totally unnecessary,
totally useless,
and 100% optional.

Self-doubt feels so warranted. But it never is. It won’t protect you from disappointment and it never gets you closer to your goal. And when I filled the final spot in my group coaching program last week, I realized that every minute I had spent in self-doubt over the last six weeks was a complete waste of time.

Self-doubt is always a waste of time.

And however you decide to spend your time in 2021, I hope you don’t spend one minute in self-doubt.



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