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How to Get What All of You Really Wants

Apr 07, 2020

If you are like me, there might be a part of you that feels like giving up.  There might be a part of you that says your goals don't matter anymore—that just surviving is enough right now.

And that part of you might be right.

But before you decide to put your goals on hold or throw in the towel, have a little board meeting with all of you.  Don't just let "present you" make all the decisions without first consulting all the other versions of you. 

The you, thirty days from now. 

The you, a year from now. 

Even the you, a month ago.  He or she worked hard to get you where you are today.  How will they feel if you give up now?

Right now, driven by fear and anxiety and overwhelm and discouragement, present you may not be in the best position to make the decisions that will serve all of you.

So have a board meeting.  Invite all the versions of you.  Past, present, and future.  Give everyone a voice.  Let everyone say what they really want.

And then decide.  Decide what you—all of you—really wants and then act from that informed, aware, truth-filled place rather than from the default instincts of the lower brain.

You'll know what to do.

All of you always knows what to do.



P.S.  Signing up to get coached will benefit every version of you and it's the best thing present you can do for all of you right now.  

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