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I've Got a Bad Feeling about This

Oct 27, 2020

We all have feelings.  Positive ones.  Negative ones.  Meh ones.

But we are often very judgmental of the negative ones.

The other day I had new photos taken for my website.  I felt insecure and vulnerable and inadequate about everything.  My clothes, my hair, my makeup, my smile, my wide-set eyes.  Everything.

And then I was mad at myself for feeling insecure and vulnerable and inadequate.  I thought that I shouldn't feel that way.  I should enjoy the experience.  I should be happy with me as I am.  I shouldn't feel bad.

At the end of the photo shoot my photographer said, "You did so good.  No one likes having their photo taken.  It's so vulnerable."

When she said that, I realized that if everyone feels vulnerable then it must be okay.  Maybe there was nothing wrong feeling this way.

And suddenly, I realized how judgmental I had been of my negative feelings.

Of course it was okay to feel how I felt, but somehow I had made it wrong to feel bad.  I had made myself wrong for feeling bad.

And this only made me feel worse.

We can relieve so much of our suffering by allowing ourselves to feel whatever it is we are feeling without judgment.

Our feelings don't make us right or wrong.  They don't make us good or bad.  They are just information for our body about what we are thinking.  When we think these thoughts, we feel this way.  It's just math.

Not feeling bad about feeling bad is a really good way to feel better. 

I highly recommend it.



P.S. Learning to how to feel and process your emotions allows you to do lots of brave things in your life.  If you want to feel more to do more, sign up for a free coaching consultation and I'll show you how.

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