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Letting Go of "Coulda" and "Shoulda"

Apr 15, 2020

I saw this meme this morning:

and thought it summed it all up perfectly.  

Today I thought you might like to know that you are doing awesome.

I like knowing that, no matter what, we are always doing our best.  Forget about the "coulda's" and the "shoulda's."

"Coulda" and "shoulda" are just lies our brain tells us to protect us against rejection or expulsion from the tribe.  But they aren't true and they never produce good results.  They just make us feel terrible about ourselves and others.  They make us wallow in self-pity, and self-loathing, and resentment.  

And they are optional.  

Opt out.

The truth is you are doing your best.

And so are they.

Hang in there, my friends.  You're doing awesome.



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