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Shine a Light

Feb 25, 2020

This week my son called. He was stressed and worried and overwhelmed and he wanted some coaching.

When he told me how he was feeling, I asked him about the thoughts that were creating his panicky feelings.

He said, “They’re terrible. They’re terrible thoughts.”

He didn’t even want to say them out loud. He didn’t want to acknowledge that he was thinking them. He wanted to just ignore them and pretend they weren’t there.

But what I showed him was that even though he didn’t want to be thinking these thoughts, and even though he thought he shouldn’t be thinking them, the thoughts were still there and he was unknowingly operating from them.

And they were making him feel terrible.

The key for each of us is to get our thoughts out in the open. To look at them. To shine a light on them. To question them. To understand that our thoughts don’t say anything about us.

Our unmanaged, default thoughts are just our brain’s response to the circumstances of our lives. They are often judgmental, fearful, critical, and fatalistic because our brain is trying to keep us alive.

Which means we don’t need to judge them.

Because when we think we shouldn’t be having our thoughts, we lose access to them. But they are still operating unchecked in our lives, inadvertently creating our feelings, actions, and results.

If you are feeling terrible, it’s time to look at the thoughts creating your feelings.

And I can help.

Sign up for a free coaching session and we’ll look at your thoughts together. Without judgement or shame. Just with curiosity.

And then, you're gonna feel so much better!



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