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Stop Believing Your Brain

Sep 22, 2020

A lot of us think we feel bad about ourselves for a “good reason.”

We believe that we keep thinking we’re not good enough

...because of something that happened in our childhood.

...or because our spouse criticized us.

…or because we messed up or did it wrong or failed at something.

…or because people at church judged us.

We think there is a REASON that we believe there is something wrong with us. 

But you believe you aren’t good enough because this is what every human thinks.

It is the "factory setting" of human brains.  No matter how successful we are, no matter how attractive we are, no matter how our parents or our spouse treat us, no matter who approves of us or doesn’t, no matter what we accomplish or don’t…our brain is ALWAYS going to think there is something wrong with us and we aren’t enough.

And I know that sounds like bad news, but what if it’s not?  What if it means you can STOP worrying about the “ways you are not enough,” and know that this is just a thought error EVERY brain has, and that you don’t have to fix yourself to change it. 

Your brain is always going to offer you the thought that there’s something wrong with you.    

And you can disregard it. 

It’s not the truth.  It’s just the thought your brain gives you because you are a human and you are still alive.  (See? I told you it was good news! 😉)

Brains offer thoughts.

But we get to DECIDE if we want to believe those thoughts.

This is true of EVERY thought you have.  You are under no obligation to believe ANYTHING your brain tells you.  

Stop believing your brain. 

When you DECIDE what you want to believe about yourself instead of taking your brain's word for it, your life gets sooooooo much better.



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