The Magic of The Model

Oct 24, 2019

As you probably know, I was trained as a life coach at The Life Coach School.  The founder of the school, Brooke Castillo, developed a way of explaining how the world works and how we get all the results in our lives.  She called it, "The Model."

In a nutshell, the model says:

     > we have thoughts that create our feelings

     > these feelings fuel our actions

     > our actions accumulate to give us a result.

The model allows you to see that you are never at the unwitting effect of your life or the people in it.  You are actually creating your life with the thoughts you think.  And every result in your life is there because you first had a thought.

Last weekend I went to the "Modelthon" in Dallas.  I got to see Brooke coaching real people with real problems.  She's beautiful and funny and smart.  

But what I really got to see was the model in action—applied over and over again, in situation after situation.  Regardless of the person's age, gender, race, background, education, financial situation, family origin, or problem, the model worked every time.  

It always works.

There is no problem the model can't solve.

There is no result the model can't get you.

It's like the secret to the universe.

It's better than magic.


If you want to know how to solve any problem in your life and get the life you want, it's just one model away. Sign up for a free coaching session and I'll show you how.


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