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The Perfect Time

Mar 03, 2020

Today I was working with a client on her relationship with her kids and she said, “I just wish I would have known this sooner. It would have changed everything.”

I told her that she learned it at the perfect time. That we all get this work exactly when we need it.

And when we do, it does change everything.

It changes how we see the circumstances of our lives.

It changes how we love the people in our lives.

It changes how we think about ourselves.

I never live in regret for what I didn’t know then. But I will always be glad I found my coach when I did.  And I will be forever grateful for what I was able to create from that moment on because of what she taught me about my brain and my thoughts and everything they were producing for me.

Don’t wait another day wondering if coaching works or if it will work for you.

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Now is the perfect time to change everything and design the rest of your life exactly the way you want it.



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