The Science of Change

Jul 07, 2020

This week my coach had me do an interesting exercise.  She asked me to account for all my time.  To keep a record in 15-minute increments of how I spend all the hours of my life.

It was revealing. 

But I also noticed something else. 

Because I was observing myself, watching myself, tracking my activities, it changed my behavior.  I used my time differently because I was watching myself.

This isn’t unique to me either. 

One of the premises of quantum scientific theory is that when we go to observe how particles behave, we inadvertently change the behavior of the particles.  Just observing them, changes the way they interact. 

Weird, right? 

 But this is why it so powerful to start to observe what we are thinking.

 Just noticing what we are thinking can change our thinking.

 So if you find yourself feeling bad or acting in a way you don’t want to, just ask yourself, “What am I thinking?”  

Notice.  Observe.

 You can even write it down.  You can track your thinking throughout the day. 

And watching it, will change it.

It might not be rocket science.  But it is science.  And it works.

Test the hypothesis and see for yourself.



P.S. Changing anything in your life starts with changing your thoughts.  This is life changing work and it is the work I do with my clients every day.  If you’re ready to change in a way that works, sign up for a free coaching consultation and I’ll show you what’s possible.



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