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There Are No Thought Police

Nov 20, 2019

Did you know you get to believe whatever you want?

I mean, really.  Whatever you want.

There is a man in my neighborhood who believes the world is flat.  He has a truck that he wrapped with vinyl graphics advertising his belief in the "Flat Earth Theory" and letting the whole wide (round) world know that they've got it wrong.  He even has a website you can visit for more information.

This week as I saw him driving, I thought about the things I believe—about myself, about my life, about my potential.

Do I limit myself by what I've done in the past?

Do I limit myself by what I think "is reasonable?"

Do I limit myself by what is considered "common knowledge" or even "logical?"

What would happen if I was willing to suspend all my current beliefs about myself and consider the radically audacious? Or even the ridiculous?

I just want you to know there are no belief police.  No one can tell you what you can and can't believe about yourself. (Or anything else for that matter.) 

Ask yourself, what if I could believe whatever I wanted?  Then what would be possible?

Cause the truth can.



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