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Nothing to Worry About

Mar 10, 2020

My husband works for a hospital system.  And over the last couple of weeks they have had lots and lots of meetings about the coronavirus.  

When he gets home he tries to convince me that things are serious.

But I gave up worry a long time ago.

I don't worry about anything.  Because I know the truth: the universe is always working in my favor.  

Everything that happens in my life is happening for me.  For my family.  For my kids.  For our good.

And it doesn't mean that it won't be hard.

And it doesn't mean that it won't feel challenging.

But it's all happening for me.  And so I don't need to brace myself or anticipate the worst or worry.  Ever.

The worst thing that can ever happen is a negative emotion—which is always created by me by what I choose to think.   And whenever I choose to think things that produce negative feelings, those feelings can just be felt.  They cannot hurt me.  They are only there to teach me. 

And this is the way I will learn all the things I need to.

Which means,

there really is nothing to worry about.



P.S.  Learning to give up worry is just one benefit that I received from coaching.  On my podcast this week, I shared lots of other reasons that coaching is the best investment I've ever made.  Give it a listen and then sign up to be coached!


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