Your Weekly Shot of Awesome: Birthday Edition

Apr 05, 2021

Last weekend I had a birthday.

As I looked back on the year and everything that I created over the past 365 days, I was struck at how every single thing I did was optional.

For example, I recorded 52 podcasts. I could have just as easily recorded zero.

I created $150K dollars in my business. I could have just as easily created zero.

I started two group coaching programs. I could have just as easily started zero.

Workouts, spiritual habits, relationships, personal development—everything I did—could have just as easily not been done. 

They were all 100% optional.

And I am not any better and my life is not any better because I did any of them.

But my life is different because I did.

I did have different experiences and did gain lots of skills and I did learn more about myself and I did grow my capacity to manage my brain and feel my feelings because I did them. I did use up those 365 days in a way that I enjoyed because I did them.

And that’s the thing.

Today you...

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Your Life’s Infinite Possibilities

Apr 02, 2021

Sometimes it seems like our life passes in a blur. We blink and a year has passed…or a decade…or more! And all the possible things we want to do with our lives somehow never quite get done.

Today I’m sharing an exercise you can do to make sure you are using your time on earth to create all the possibilities you want in your life. I hope it helps!

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Doing Impossible Things

Mar 29, 2021

The other day I was talking to my coach about my latest goal. I said, “I sort of feel like it’s impossible.”

She said, “Well, that’s okay. You have a track record of doing things you once thought were impossible.”


And I realized she was right. For everything I have ever done in my life, there was a time when it was impossible.

And it’s the same for you.

From the very beginning of your life, you have done one thing after another that once seemed impossible. And it never stopped you.

So, why on earth should that mean that you can’t do it now?

If it sorta feels like it’s impossible, the very good news is that feeling that way is totally irrelevant to whether or not you can actually do it. It literally doesn’t matter at all if it feels impossible.

Because you have a proven track record of doing things you once thought were impossible.

And it hasn’t mattered yet.



 My coach always shows me...

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It’s negative, but that’s not bad 😉

Mar 26, 2021

When we realize that our thoughts are creating our feelings, we sometimes think that means that we shouldn’t feel negative emotion, or that maybe if we feel negative emotion that it means we’re doing it wrong.

But feeling negative emotion is a really important part of the human experience, and learning not to judge our feelings or tell ourselves we’re doing it wrong when we feel bad can give us so much relief. 

In today’s video, I’m sharing another way to look at your feelings without making yourself “wrong” for whatever emotional experience you are creating for yourself. I hope it helps!


Whatever feeling you are having it is always created by your thoughts. And when you finally figure this equation out, you become so powerful in your own life. It’s amazing! It’s the key that opens every life experience you want. Schedule a call with me to see how coaching can change things for you and see if my coaching program is...

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Everything You Want

Mar 22, 2021

Five years ago I was 35 pounds overweight, heavily in debt, living in a rented house, and was so worried and miserable and defeated that the only way I could sleep at night was by watching hours and hours of QVC. I thought had ruined my most important relationships, permanently damaged my children, and made too many mistakes to ever be happy. 

Today, my life is different in every way.

I know that sometimes you hear me say you can get anything you want out of your earth life experience and it feels impossible. It sorta feels like that might be true for other people, but it’s probably not true for you. 

That’s what I used to think too.

But none of the things that were true for me five years ago are true today. Every aspect of my life is different.

And the ONLY thing I changed was my brain.

I found coaching. And then, one thought at a time, I changed my brain. 

You don’t need knowledge or skill or financial prowess. You don’t need discipline or...

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Your Brain is Perfect

Mar 19, 2021


Sometimes we think that it would be easier if our brain wasn’t the way it is—that it would be easier if our brain didn’t notice everything that was wrong and if it didn’t make us feel bad when we went to do new things.

But actually, I think we have the perfect setup. I explain why in today’s video. 

I hope it helps!


The best way to get the life you want is to manage your brain and the best way to learn to manage your brain is through coaching. There are a just a few spots left in my group coaching program that starts April 1st. Are you coming? You can learn more and sign up for a call here.

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The Perfect Life

Mar 15, 2021

When David and I got married, I put an inscription inside his wedding ring. It said: “Welcome to heaven.”

Cause that’s what I thought. 

That it would be heaven. For him. For me. For us. I also thought it was supposed to be…heaven, I mean.

I was wrong on all counts.

This isn’t heaven. And it isn’t supposed to be.

This is earth. And earth it’s supposed to be 50/50.

Life is 50/50. Marriage is 50/50. Parenting is 50/50. We are 50/50. It’s 50% amazing. And 50% difficult. And it’s supposed to be. It’s that way by divine design.

It’s not hard half the time because we’re doing it wrong or because we don’t love each other. But because that’s how earth life was designed.

And that perfect design, allows us to choose. While we’re here in this 50/50 world, to feel love and to feel joy we have to choose it on purpose by the way we think. It’s not automatic and it’s not supposed to be. ...

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How to Like You

Mar 12, 2021

A lot of us think we have to be different in order to like ourselves. But this never works because like is a feeling. Feelings aren’t created by what we do our how we behave. Feelings are created by our thoughts.

And that means that in order to like yourself, you don’t have to change anything except your thoughts.

Really. Check out this video where I explain how.



We have so many negative thoughts about ourselves because our brains are programmed to notice what’s wrong with us, but you never have to believe your brain. You get to think whatever you want about you. And that will change everything else in your life. If you want to permanently change the way you think about yourself, join Made for More and you’ll never think about yourself in the same way again.  You can apply here.

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Your Perfect Story

Mar 08, 2021

The other day my daughter texted me after getting some disappointing news: My life is not working out the way it’s supposed to.

I texted her back a few funny gifs and memes, but then I told her,

What you don’t realize is that it’s always working out.


You can’t see it cause you’re in the middle of the chapter in the beginning of the book, but it all works out perfectly in the exact way it’s supposed to. When you get to the end…you’ll see.  

And that’s true for all of us.

Here in chapter 12 or chapter 20 or chapter 67, it seems like all is lost. There was a plot twist you weren’t expecting, and it feels like for sure nothing is working. But it’s just because you’re here now and not at the end.

I recently read Shoe Dog, which is a book about the Nike startup, and all through the book the founder faced so many setbacks and made so many mistakes, I found myself thinking, “This is never...

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Believing New Things

Mar 05, 2021

Did you know that when it comes to getting what you want in your life, what you believe about your ability to achieve it is WAY more important than what you do to achieve it?

True story. 

In today’s video, I explain why. I hope it helps!

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