Decision Drama

Aug 11, 2020

Ever since the pandemic began, here’s what happens at our house on Friday nights. David brings home pizza. And then he says, “What movie should we watch?”

Then we all spend the next two hours scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Prime and Disney+ trying to find the right movie. Suggestions are made. And shot down. Trailers are watched. And abandoned. Google is consulted. And disparaged. Complaints are lodged. And seconded.

It’s a lot of drama about a little decision.

Cause none of us want to waste our time watching the wrong movie or watching a dumb movie or watching a movie we don’t like or watching a movie we’ve already seen. And so instead, we waste our time deciding.

Or rather, we waste our time not deciding.

And it’s painful.

Notice how we’re trying to make our Friday night “better” by choosing “right,” but it only makes things worse. We want to pick the best movie so we can avoid negative emotions like...

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Get What You REALLY Want

Aug 09, 2020

Your brain doesn't care about your goals.

At all.

Instead, it tells you that maybe you don't really want what you think you want. 

Whatever you're trying to do differently—lose weight, build a business, improve your marriage, develop a spiritual habit—is hard.  And when it's hard, your brain tries to get out of it by telling you that you don't even want that thing anyway.

My brain tried this on me just this morning.  (Nice try, brain. )

I hope this helps you get more of what you really want.




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It Will Work for You Too

Aug 04, 2020

When I was in fifth grade my whole class did the presidential fitness challenge.

I was the only one who couldn’t do a sit up or finish the mile run. (Let’s not even talk about the bar hang. Needless to say, I was a disappointment to the president.)

When I was a young mother I would go to church and hear people say things like, “My mother was so patient and she never raised her voice.”

I was the only one who had yelled at my kids in the car on the way to church.

When David and I went to hospital fundraisers, all the people around us would raise their paddles to donate thousands of dollars for cancer research, while I was sat next to them in a dress that I had used two credit cards to pay for because there wasn’t enough credit available on one of them.

I was the only one living paycheck to paycheck.

When I turned forty, I was failing at all of the “basics”—eating right, exercising, flossing, journaling, getting up early, saving for...

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Love the Crappy Stuff Too

Jul 31, 2020

It's the last day of July, and for most of us, this isn't the 2020 we thought it was going to be.  It wasn't what we ordered.  This wasn't really the plan.

(Maybe there are other parts of your life that sorta feel like that, too.)

Today I want to share an idea that can help you embrace all the things that have "gone wrong" in a whole new way.

I hope it helps!




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An Economics Lesson

Jul 28, 2020

When David and I were still young marrieds with 4 little children, cash was always tight.  We had a new mortgage, a few student loans, and lots of diapers to buy.

One day, one of the kids flushed a few of the “Little People” farm figures down the toilet and clogged it.  My first thought was to call a plumber, but I knew that would cost money.  Money, I thought we didn’t have.  

My second thought was that I had a husband.  And he should be able to figure this out by himself.  Without paying an expert. 

When I suggested this idea to David, he just looked at me.  Handyman skills were not his strong suit.  I said, “It can’t be that hard.  You should be able to do it.”

David tried a plunger.  No luck.  He went to Home Depot for a pipe snake.  Nope.  The little, plastic farm animals were jammed in the toilet in such a way that David was going to have to unscrew the toilet from...

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Disappointment Isn't Destiny

Jul 21, 2020

The disappointments just keep rolling in, don’t they? 

School’s going to be online this fall.
Album and book releases are being delayed.
The gym is closed.  Again.
The number of Covid cases keeps rising.  (Even at my house the number went from zero to one last week.)
You’ve watched everything on Netflix and there’s nothing new on the horizon.

Worst of all, your life is pretty much the same.

You are pretty much the same.

Your body, your money, your relationships, your confidence, your potential—are all pretty much the same as they’ve always been.

But now, it’s just you and your life, with no distractions

And what you see is kind of…well…disappointing.

And so then we think, “Well, I need to change some things.”

But change feels so hard and so big and so impossible that we give up or we never start.  Really, we don’t even know where to start.  And so we settle for the same. ...

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Pray Your Problems Away

Jul 17, 2020

Sometimes we think of prayer like a magic wand that we can use to make our problems disappear.

Or at least, sometimes we wish it was like that.

But it might help to think about using prayer to solve our problems in a whole new way.  



P.S. If you want a magic wand for your life, you should try a free coaching consultation with me.  You might not be able to change the circumstances—but you can change EVERYTHING else!


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Loving Yourself is Easy

Jul 14, 2020

Of all the things I coach my clients on, the hardest one for people to accept is the idea that they could love themselves as they are.

Everyone thinks it's impossible. 

Given all our problems and all our mistakes and all our weaknesses, most of us think that loving ourselves isn't really possible.

Actually, some people think it might be possible...if they change some things first.  If they get their act together and stop messing up...then, maybe.

Everybody thinks they have to be different first.  Loving ourselves as is?  No way.

But love isn't created by what we do.  Love doesn't magically appear when we change or when we become better.  It's not something that just happens when we're finally acceptable.

Love is a decision.

It is a choice. 

And you make that choice with the thoughts you decide to think about yourself.  

Because love is a feeling, it means that love (even for ourselves) is created by a thought.  Not by...

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The Science of Change

Jul 07, 2020

This week my coach had me do an interesting exercise.  She asked me to account for all my time.  To keep a record in 15-minute increments of how I spend all the hours of my life.

It was revealing. 

But I also noticed something else. 

Because I was observing myself, watching myself, tracking my activities, it changed my behavior.  I used my time differently because I was watching myself.

This isn’t unique to me either. 

One of the premises of quantum scientific theory is that when we go to observe how particles behave, we inadvertently change the behavior of the particles.  Just observing them, changes the way they interact. 

Weird, right? 

 But this is why it so powerful to start to observe what we are thinking.

 Just noticing what we are thinking can change our thinking.

 So if you find yourself feeling bad or acting in a way you don’t want to, just ask yourself, “What am I thinking?”  


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The Freedom to Feel the Way You Want

Jul 03, 2020

Do you know what created more freedom for me than anything else? 

Figuring out that I get to feel however I want, whenever I want.  And knowing that other people or outside circumstances don't ever have the power to control how I feel. 

Understanding that is life changing.

Understanding that will free you from the tyranny of being at the effect of your life.

In this video, I share a little example of how that freedom makes my life better...I hope it helps!



P.S.  You are free to have the life and the relationships and the happiness you want.  Sign up for a free coaching consultation and I'll show you how. 

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