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Dec 18, 2020

Maybe your brain doesn't think much of what you've accomplished this year and it might question if you've made any progress at all. But your brain is misinformed.

You have done way more good and you are way more awesome than you realize. Today I'm sharing an exercise that helps you see this truth, feels incredible, and sets you up for massive success in the coming year.  



P.S. If there are things that you wish you had done this year but didn't, the only thing that got in the way is your brain.  But next year's results can't be any different unless you change your thinking.  Coaching is the best way to do that! Come join me!

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The Difference Between Me and Taylor Swift

Dec 18, 2020

Did you see that Taylor Swift released another album on Friday?  Her second in less than six months.

When I heard, I texted my daughter: "Good to know somebody's getting stuff done."   

She wrote back:



Our exchange and my current overwhelm made me stop and really think about why I'm not taking the action I need to so I can get stuff done.

And the truth is, it's usually because I'm afraid of doing it wrong. In some way, I'm worried I'm going to fail and fall short of my expectations. And so I don't do what I need to do and I stay overwhelmed. Overwhelm is the way my brain protects me from failure.

For example...

I need to write my Christmas letter. I want to do a good job and I don't know where to start. (I'm scared of failing.) 

I need to buy my daughter a graduation gift. I want to buy her something she'll love and I don't want to disappoint her....

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A Year of Results

Dec 18, 2020

Our brains always overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can do over the long term. But incremental, daily work adds up. Lots of little action inevitably adds up into big results.

Today, I'm sharing a question you can ask yourself to notice the power of consistently taking action over time and help you keep going when your brain wants to quit.



P.S. There are just a couple spots left in my group coaching program.  If you want to change your life, come coach with me in 2021.  You can apply here.


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One Thought Changes Everything

Dec 07, 2020

As part of my spiritual practice, I fast on the first Sunday of every month.  For twenty-four hours, I don’t eat or drink and I spend that time noticing my utter dependence on God and how much abundance he provides in my life.  I also ask for specific blessings I want in my life.

And every time I do it, my human brain protests.  My brain never wants to fast.  Its instinct is always to eat.

And what it says to me most often when I am fasting is, “It doesn’t matter.  None of this matters.  It’s not going to make a difference.  We should just eat.”

My brain is so convincing, I almost want to believe it.  

But it always matters.  It matters in my relationship with God.  And it matters in my relationship with me.  In fact, learning to choose what I really want over what my brain wants is probably the only thing that matters.  

It’s the whole reason I came to earth.

And it’s the same...

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What's Stopping You?

Dec 04, 2020

Does it ever drive you crazy that you can't do the "simple" things to achieve your goals?

Like if you really want it, why don't you do it?

It turns out, there's a good reason.  I explain it all in this video.  I hope it helps!



P.S. There is no better way to start doing the things you want than to hire a life coach.  If you join my group coaching program, I'll help you get your brain out of the way so you can do anything you want in your life.

Coaching? With me? For six months? With a group of people who want to change and grow and will be cheering you on?  At half the cost of 1:1 coaching? It's the easiest decision you've ever made!  Apply here.  

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Results You Can Count On

Nov 30, 2020

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is December.

What were your goals at the beginning of the year?

What are your results today?

I know a lot of people think that the entire year was a wash—that none of it turned out like they wanted and their goals were just another casualty of the coronavirus.

But I love knowing that my results are never dependent on anything outside of me.  No matter what the circumstances are, the way I think is the only thing that creates my results.  And so even in a year when almost nothing went as planned, achieving my goals is something I can count on.

Let's be honest, circumstances probably aren't going to be magically better on January 1, 2021, but that doesn't mean you can't set goals and get any result you want in your life next year—because the only thing in your way, is the same thing that's always in your way:

Your brain.

Don't spend another year wishing things were different.  Your brain doesn't care about your...

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Get All the Things You Really Want

Nov 30, 2020

Today I want to sell you on you.  

I know there are things you want to do in your life.  I know you have wanted to do them for a long time. 

The only reason you haven't done them is because your brain thinks not doing them is easier.

I know there are things you want to change.  I know you have tried a million different ways to change them.

The only reason you haven't been able to change them is because your brain thinks staying the same is safer.  

I know there are things you don't like about yourself.  I know you can't imagine any other way.  

But the only reason you don't like you is because your brain thinks noticing the negative is the best way to keep you alive.

Do you see a pattern here?

There is only one thing between you and all the things you want to do and change and like about yourself: your brain.  Left unmanaged it opts for the easiest, safest, most negative option and it keeps giving you the same results...

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It's Not Wrong to Want More

Nov 30, 2020

Does it ever feel ungrateful to wish your life was different?  Or do you ever feel guilty for wanting more when you already have so much?

I think we can be 100% content and happy with our life and still want more—and I think that is exactly what God wants for us too.  (I explain why in this video.  I hope it helps!)



P.S.  If you want more out of your life, there's a good reason—you were made for it!  Come join me my group coaching program and I will help you create anything you want in your life.  You are entitled to get it!!


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You Matter and What You Want Matters

Nov 25, 2020

I used to think about what it would be like to drive my car into a light post. After I dropped the kids at school, I would sit at the light and fantasize about revving the engine and just gunning it.

I didn’t really want to kill myself, but sometimes I thought it would be better if I could just disappear and escape my life.

And the thing was, I had a good life.

I had a beautiful family. I had a home and education and running water. I had the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had it all.

I had nothing to complain about and I thought it was ridiculous that I was mostly miserable.

I hated myself for not being happy. (Especially, when I was supposed to be.)

I told myself that my unhappiness and my suffering was ridiculous and it didn’t matter. That my problems didn’t matter.

Deep down, I thought that I didn’t matter.

I was embarrassed to talk about my pain. I thought I shouldn’t be having it and I thought I had no right to feel bad about my amazing life.

But I...

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Feel Better Fast!

Nov 20, 2020

Want a really simple way to feel better fast?  

Try this.

Guaranteed to improve your mood in less than 20 seconds.



P.S.  If you want to feel better on a permanent basis and actually develop the skill of managing all your emotions, I invite you to join Made for More, my new group coaching program.  It will change your emotional experience for the rest of your life. Apply here.

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