Trying New Things

Aug 19, 2019

We are in prepping and packing mode at our house.  In four days one of my daughters is leaving for China for five months and my other daughter is leaving for her first semester of college.  

There are lots of lists and Amazon carts and half-filled suitcases in our life right now.  And there are also a lot of unknowns.  

Both of my girls are going to do something they have never done before.  They have no experience.  They have no evidence from their past that they will be successful at what they are about to do.

And yet, they are happily going anyway.

Research has shown that this is what we do until we are about 25—we learn as we go.  We try crawling and then walking and then riding a bike.  We try school and soccer and the trumpet.  We go to college and study abroad and we keep trying new things.

Until there comes a day when we don't anymore.  

After about age 25 we start looking to our past to find evidence...

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Episode 15: How to Accomplish Anything

Aug 15, 2019

Do you have things you want to accomplish in your life, but despite all your good intentions, day after day, year after year, find yourself unchanged and making no real progress towards your goals?  

In this episode of the podcast I'll show  you that this is not because you are undisciplined or weak.  It is because, as humans, we think the way to accomplish things is to focus on what we are DOING, to try to take more action in order to get different results in our life.

But this will only take us so far.  

To really get the traction we need to accomplish anything, we have to focus on what we are THINKING instead.  In The Model, developed by Brooke Castillo, we see that:

THOUGHTS > create feelings

FEELINGS > drive action


This is the way to accomplish anything.

You can take any action in your life if you remember that the feeling needs to come first. And every feeling is created by a thought. Whatever action you are taking...

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